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March 29, 2009, 7:53 pm
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-O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming.

-Muy patriótico en estos días, ¿no cree?

-I´m sorry, I don´t speak spanish.

-Oh!, Ok, well it is not a problem for me, don’t worry I´ll keep up with you. Is that right nigger?

-Excuse me Sir? , what did you just call me?

-UPS! , sorry I didn’t mean the international shipping company, I’m sorry calling you that, I wanted to mean “African-american”.

-Anyways, welcome to the Whitehouse, how may I help you Sir?

-Well, I´m trying to look for the actual president of the United States of America, Barack “my homeboy” Obama.

– I´m sorry Sir, Mr. Obama is attending a meeting with the House of Representatives, and I can assure you, he will be busy all afternoon.

-The House of Representatives? , what in God´s name is that?

That Sir is what maybe in other countries with a bicameral Legislative branch will call “The Lower Chamber”.

-bicameral, mmm, huh!. I always thought you managed a unicameral legislative branch. Let me guess then, you also managed obviously a centralist governmental structure.

-Again wrong Sir. This country is ruled by a federation of states, each of one has a lot of room to operate and have certain freedom to establish different rules which can be from the judicial, taxing or civil rights.

-Interesting, in my country we also have a federal governmental structure, but I have never known why…

-The historical context is a big part of what and why the government of each country is like that. Maybe going back and studying some of the history of your country and you will know why. For example here in the United States of America, since the beginning, the Ideology of the government structure has been a political system in which balance and harmony prevails. The American system was build trying to avoid an ultra powerful branch from the other two. Elements like the federation, bicameralism and the competitive between the two major political parties talk by their self and show how this country tries to avoid what happened during the colony.

The experience of the separation from the England Empire, and the freedom thinking of all thirteen colonies that became from the accumulation of excessive power from the England crown can be considered the main causes to adapt a the “Check and Balance” policy and many of the governmental guidelines in the US.

-Yeah!, I have heard about the Check and Balance thing, between the three different powers of the government, they keep themselves on a leash, but also give some freedom to each one.

-There you go Sir. Excellent. But actually the judicial branch maybe consider as the strongest. In the Supreme Court the judges are appointed to serve for life, Sir, can you imagine that?, a president can be reelected for another term, but that’s about it. If you become a Supreme Court judge you are there for life.

-Yes, I can see that. And who determines the judges?

The president on period Sir.

Terrific, so, how does the election process works?, I mean in my country there is like ten different political parties, but I can say only two have major power, but those two, depend on the third political parties to win the elections.

– Multipartism Sir, that’s what it´s call. Here in the U.S. we have to major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. A minor political parties exists, but they don’t have much weight or representation in the legislative branch. Bipartidism is what is call. You are a lucky guy, here… take a look at this map.


And now take a look at this one.


-I don’t see anything weird, both the won the majority of the states.

-Sir, I’m not finish.

-Sorry, go on please.

-In the second picture, you can see, was the controversial election between George W. Bush representing the Democrats and Al Gore, representing the Republicans. What happened during this election was what some people can say not really democratic. The Elections in the United States are something quite special and complicated, it doesn´t work like in the majority of the countries which the people elect their president. The people doesn’t directly select their president, their vote for the representatives of their state in which they live so this people choose the president. Obviously if the Republican party wins a state, they are going to vote for the Republican party, but I can happen otherwise. Here, the point is that at the end, the people doesn’t choose the president, the state votes are the ones who choose the president.

-And what is up with Obama´s election.

-Nothing, he is just my nigger. Look he is coming out of the meeting. Do you want to ask him something?

-Fo sho!, yeah!. Can you stop him?


Obama, Hi, what’s up my men?, here I have a visitor who wants to ask you something.

Sure, no problem, go ahead son, fire me the question.

-Hi Mr. Obama, pleasure to meet you. I was wondering…

-( Mrs. Obama, comes into the scene), Honey come on!, we are late for dinner with my mom.

-Sorry son I have to go, maybe some other time.

-Hey dog!, you should put your whore on a leash!.

-Bro, can’t let you talk like that to…

-Hey, hey, hey!. Bitches running wild nigger.


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